Windows 7 Slate Touch Optimizations

The following will assist in making the Windows 7 Slate more touch friendly and tablet oriented.  Southeast Productivity is a great resource for configuring and utilization of your Slate.  
Essential Touch Optimizations
Increase Screen Resolution

  • Screen resolution -> Make text and other items larger or smaller -> Set text to 125%

Titles, Icons, Menus and SCROLLBARS

  • Left Click Desktop -> Personalize -> Window Color ->Advanced Appearance Setting:
  • Active Title Bar – Size = 50, Font 16
  • Caption buttons – 50
  • Icons – 32
  • Inactive Title – 40
  • Menus – 40
  • Scrollbar – 40


  • Folder navigation – minimized
  • Double click on tab – lock it opened or unopened
  • Place delete button on upper left of screen for easy thumb deletion

Single Click Folders/Icons on Desktop to Open
  1 – Double-Click on my computer.
  2 – Left-Click on view.
  3 – Left-Click on folder options.
  4 – Left-Click on settings.
  5 – On the click items as follow section, Left-Click on the single click to open an item category.
  6 – Left-Click ok.
 You should now be able to single click on icons.
Essential Apps to Download
Grab and Go Screen Lock

  • screen lock which is useful for quickly enabling and disabling the touch interface.
  • Download
  • Anchor the icon to the bottom taskbar

Opera Web Browser MOBILE for Windows 7

  • Download latest – Choose Opera Mobile (Windows 7) 
  • Best keyboard
  • Best load times and touch interface especially on Windows 7 tablets.  You can scroll while page loads!
  • Be sure to install BEFORE you install Silverlight

Bing Bar for Internet Explorer

  • News, Email (GMail), Weather, Built-In Translator (tranlate site on the fly)


  • WeatherBug
  • Gmail Reader

Apps for Slates

  • Kindle/Nook
  • Evernote
  • USA Today

Dropbox – ESSENTIAL for sharing between PC and other devices!

Windows Touch Pack

  • Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Ease of Access
  • Use a Bluetooth headset (noise cancelling for best results) 


  • Created an Android virtualization app for Windows 7.  This will enable you to run Android apps on your Windows 7 Slate.
  • Beta release this summer
  • ViewSonic Tablet is already available.

Improving Space with an SD Card

1. Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Admin Tools
  – Computer management -> Disk Management
2.  Under More Actions to the right choose -> Create a VHD
3.  Browse to your SD card – Give it a file name
  – Set the size
  – Choose Fixed Size
  – OK
4.  Click on new Disk created and choose -> Initialize
5.  Choose More Actions – > Create Simple Volume – assign drive letter.  After completing, you need to create a script and task to remount the VHD after a reboot.  Look here for simple instructions.


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