Ohayo Gozaimasu World!

CoMiNg SooooooN!

The grass is green and the sun is warm…but SharePoint will unnerve even the most skilled of portal masters.  Like Kato, it lerks in the dark, waiting for the opportunity when you drop your guard…then BAM! a non-descript “form closed” error on the InfoPath form you have hooked into your 1400 line state machine workflow that was due last week, smacks the living-ego out of you…causing you to confront that horrid question – WILL THIS BE THE BUG OF ULTIMATE DISHONOR?!

Pride comes before a large arse-whooping but there is reason to hope.  For an entire community of “undocumented feature” assassins have gone before you, leaving artful weapons-of-mass-instruction and scrolls of work-arounds to guide you to true enlightenment.

Like you, I am a mere benefactor of their ground work.  And like them, I hope to contribute to The Way by sharing my own harrowing experiences.  For truly, it does take a community to hone and master the art of SHAREPOINT NINJUTSU!


~ by spninjablog on September 17, 2009.

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